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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:23 pm 

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There's that theme again.

Where to begin?

I was changing out the EGR valve and attached EGR control module on my 2005, Ford/Lincoln built, 4.6L V8.

I've taken apart a number of EGR valves in the past to see what makes 'em tick. But had never removed the EGR control module or Differential Pressure Sensor. This was the first vehicle I've worked on with the whole thing being replaced as a unit.

The DPS sits under the hermetically sealed cap and requires a bit of crunching and cutting with some decent side cutters and/or pliers. Removing the cap was easy, getting down to the board, the side cutters and pliers came in to play.

This part is small as referenced by the US quarter, so you may want to go for it, or maybe not.

It is made by a company in The Netherlands, Sensata.
Not sure which one it is, but according to their website, the part could either be a High Common Mode Venturi Delta Pressure Sensor. Or, it could be a Differential Pressure Sensor.

And yes, those are gold bonding wires running from the pads in between the + symbols on the circuit board to the two sensors. So, be careful when disassembling.

Well, there you have it, another oddball place to find a tiny bit of gold on a circuit board and pins. Four of the six pins in the connector are plated w/ gold. Oddly enough, the pins are rather long and plated all the way to the circuit board as well. The pins take a rather circuitous route back to the circuit board thru the plastic shell/housing.

For kicks, what would this board be classified as w/o the gold pins? Peripheral? Telco?

On a side note. In the first image, IMG2816, you'll notice a tan blob of material with a hole in it attached to the back of the PCBD. DO NOT remove this tan blob of plastic material. It quite firmly, hermetically, holds the sensor to the circuit board. If you decide to pop off this bit of plastic, you'll break the gold bonding wires attached to it. As I did.

I was able to pop it back in the hole and resides there quite firmly. You should still be able to notice the broken gold bonding wires.



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It’s peripheral. On the high end of the scale but not enough value for the jump. The value here is mostly in the pins. Not the board. Much like a floppy disk board.

This tiny bonding wires add up to, uh, don’t sneeze. Lol. Big issue here is you would need a few hundred of them before gold value is considered. A few 10s of thousands to make the bonding wire add up to anything. ;)

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