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This will be one of the few times I link off site.
I’m rebooting an old project of mine from many years ago.
History of A/V
Let me point out a few things though.
This is an OLD project. I started this when the internet wasn’t yet the World Wide Web. Scouring BBSs and Usenet.
This has been rebooted twice. Once in the early web years and again at the early birth of Wikis.
I think you can really tell the age of the project from the snail.mail address. Does anyone remember that service?
Nothing is properly referenced. Some info is inaccurate. Most of this is from my own personal experience.

So, why here?
The photos here for scrap bring up one of the largest collections of whoa and wth tech on the internet. Looking for archaic tech on bing and google brings up boardsort quite often.
There’s a big user base here of actual techs. People who know stuff.
So maybe some blanks can be filled in.
Obviously it starts much later whith the BPR Than data storage did. That was the oldest recorded tech I could find in the early 90s and late 80s when I started the project. And much has happened since I last stopped! 1080P? Funny.

Why now?
Why not. Most of the country is still stay at home. I had forgotten about the project until I stumbled across it looking for info on a board posted here a few days back. Finding I had covered and forgotten about my own research!

The owner/admin over there had set up the wiki and made this post the first post. The wiki and the project never really caught on then.
And while I forgot about that project my interest (and collecting) never stopped.
So much has changed in 30+ years. We, as a collective mind, may finally be able to finish this to some degree.

For now... update, reference, and flush out what is there.
Add more. Much more. More text, more info, more formats.
Ultimately? Publish. Online and offline. The two licences I hold most dear are IDGAF and DWYW. This isn’t about money. It’s about knowledge.

Today. For the moment: I want to get this out there again. Get some ideas. Is this even worthwhile? Should I keep this going? Or should I just let it die. And move on.
Let me know what you all think.

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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