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 Post subject: Here we go again
PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:54 pm 
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Copper went up a few cents across the board but this week aluminium was the strange one
Diecast and sheet went up a few cents but spun, the easiest to recycle, fell?
Gold is up, and down; and up and down.
But this weeks news for us? Rhodium is up, as is selenium.
All platinum group metals climbed. Nickel is finally back over $4 nationally. If it climbs more or stays firm we may see a boost in some higher grades her such as telco memory and cellphone boards. Not much but any climb in value is always appreciated.

The rest for escrap. Copper's few pennies brought highly grade cbm#1 (al hard drive motors, burnt clean copper) over 69c nationally.
Clean steel is over 6 cents
Light breakage is hovering around 3 cents
Low 300s stainless is over $1
Mixed glass has passed 2 cents
Mixed plastic has finally passed a penny for the first time since the oil plunge.
ABS has passed 30 cents!
Leaded glass is back to 5 cents
Clear glass is at 4 cents but no love for brown or green. 1 cent and .25 cents
Put glass in municipal for now.
Clean bleached paper us up to 2.25 cents per lb
Mixed paper is at a penny, mostly because glossy paper (magazines etc) has fallen out of favour.

My thoughts?
Hold some copper back and gamble on it. Sell some this week and some next. Keep the market moving and potentially make a profit as well.
Aluminium is stable and not really doing anything
Hold your nickel and stainless. They may be up or down in a few weeks but at the moment the market is dealing with a sudden influx from over a billion iot devices including cell phones, being recalled and dumped in the wake of the super ddos.
Also, if you've got lithium and nicad batteries now is the time to move them. Price is dropping thanks to Samsung/Apple and 85 million batteries of unknown stability. These are the ones that never made it into phones sitting in warehouses. We already saw lithium drop and lion drop even more. It's dragging all batteries right down to nicad and lead. Suddenly everyone is just as afraid of them as I am (vindication?).

Final note. I just watch the numbers and can be totally wrong so this isn't guaranteed at all.

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

 Post subject: Re: Here we go again
PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:35 pm 

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Interesting, way back in 2005 I was getting close to $5 a pound for clean copper number 2 and don't remember for number 1!
As of right now I have more weight in aluminum than anything else. Been doing a lot of rear projection TVs lately, most of the time the enclosure holding the cooling oil for the CRTs is cast aluminum.
Haven't really gotten many peripheral boards though, usually low grade.

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