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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:17 am 
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Let me nip this here for the moment before we go any further.
Aside from ICs boardsort doesn't buy individual components. You need a local buyer. I'm lucky to be able to sell each and every scrap component (not counting the good stuff I keep for parts) to local yards. I've done this by being loyal, and having VERY close relationships with 3 local yards for over 20 years.

I've done my own research and know exactly what makes up everything I bring them.
When I bring something in they don't recognise or understand they take me at my word of what it is, what's inside it, what it's worth TO THEM. And I take them to pay me an honest, partial, rate.
I can bring in 5 lbs of aluminium capacitors and get 40c per lb. you can't day one. It's a relationship you need to build over time.
You can build that relationship! We can line up long time scrappers here who will tell you they get better than base. And there's a few recycling companies on these boards that can better advise you as to HOW to help build such relationships.
The prices I state for various items boardsort doesn't buy are NATIONAL averages for Joe and Jain 20-Pack (because nobody drinks just 6) should aim for day one. You could get more, or less.
Steel, iron and carbon all get much higher rates in the rust belt from Chicago to Pittsburgh. Up to 10-12 cents a pound!
18Kt gold runs 800-850 an ounce in New England but can fetch $1200 in Southern California and Nevada where the tech and fashion industries are big.

So why did I post this?
Simply; since mid November I've received offer 200 emails from various users from here and two other sites asking about stripping low end boards. After maybe a dozen in the preceding 10 months. So I want to hit this now and put it in stone (or textual stone).
So on the second most traded scrap commodity, aluminium, when I say that on 2 January 2017 the national average for a clean spun Al (heat shields) and poured cast (heatsinks) is 35-45 cents per lb you should aim for that and expect between half and double depending on location. I've seen reportings in the last few hours of monday aluminium drink can sales as high as 76 cent non crv! And as low as 28 cents.
So no rate is guaranteed.
There IS a major market for each and every component on a pcb. Finding buyers at the best rates takes time and effort; combined with moderate consistency and much loyality .

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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