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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:45 am 

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Hi All,

Recently, I scrapped a few Rear Projection TVs. Inside one of the RPTVs were two STK392-560 and inside another RPTV were two STK392-570.

I decided to open one of the STK392-560 to see what was going in there. It was relatively simple to do and was able to do so without damaging the fine silver wires inside in an effort to preserve what lay underneath the plastic shell.

I was fantasizing the six beautiful slugs bonded to the heat sink at the top of the IC were slugs of silver, but alas, were indeed, copper slugs, plated with what I assume to be silver. The wires inside flex/bend quite easily and I assume they are pure silver. Looking at the components inside, it reminded me of a solid state amplifier, with the RF power dividers and combiners one would find inside an SSPA. Perhaps, if lostinlodos or someone else of knowledge knows, they can identify some of what the items inside the STK392-560 may be made of and/or their function.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, I used one of the optics from the RPTV in front of my iPhones' camera lens to take a few pics for a bit closer inspection, not sure it made too much of a difference.



IMG_5885.JPG [ 2.74 MiB | Viewed 1500 times ]
IMG_5872.JPG [ 2.19 MiB | Viewed 1500 times ]
IMG_5853.JPG [ 2.56 MiB | Viewed 1500 times ]
IMG_5852.JPG [ 2.56 MiB | Viewed 1500 times ]
PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:11 am 
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Sanyo brand Convergence unit.
The board is peripheral. If you had silver It would be telco.

As to the actual job, there’s people smarter than me in that field who can answer. I trace faults down the line and replace component #xxxx with a new #xxxx when I find a fault end. I’m not actually sure what some of it is about a third of the time.
Now everyone knows my secret too. Lol

Great idea with augmenting the camera, pictures look great!

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