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You would think that the environmentalists would be all over putting ID on scrap metal like they do on plastics since the metals are worth so much more and people would be more inclined to recycle metals. Of course we are also environmentalists to some degree since we do recycle.

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Evil, I’d go for that with one single mandatory exception.
Alloys must be marked as alloys.
Here’s why, and again I’m back on that first post.
A single beverage can, Coca-Cola or Pepsi or Miller, in a sheet aluminium melt devalues the entire melt.

No refinery is going to mistake steel for iron. Not even in a 50 ton load. Automation will catch that 99% of the time even when a human misses it on the belt. Even processed iron looks VERY different from steel, regardless of size.

On the flip side how many of us can’t spot the difference, after depainting and shredding, between a soda etc can and a heatsink?
I’ve got a trained eye for it and miss it EVERY time once it’s smaller than a few inches in size! If tin side is down an optical scanner will miss it as well.

I’ve proposed in petitions before a mandate for the AY or ALY code to be factory stamped on all new bi-or-more metal products.

Beyond that, yes I agree with you...
There’s no need at the beginning to over complicate things. Steel is fine for steel. It sticks or it doesn’t.
There’s 22 recorded standard brass mixtures. I can tell you 4 and I sort my brass by semi-magnetic and non-magnetic. Same thing with aluminium; it has tin on it or it doesn’t. It has iron in the mix, or it doesn’t.
A two factor system is more than enough of a starting point.

Actually we can all help if you’re near a large recycling company. ASK them if they have a copy of the latest metal identification petition and if you can sign it. New ones are started every few months. One of them will stick somewhere eventually. Especially with so many scrap yards getting involved in the last few years.

But hey, if I need to settle for (the stupidity of) iron markings on steel, it’s a start.

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