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I am bringing in several hundred pounds of boards in a couple days, and having a bit of space left, decided to throw in a hundred or so harddrives from mostly pre-2000 towers. During the early 2000's I scrapped several thousand for the quick aluminum and steel sales, but had no buyer for boards. Well, when gold hit $300, one guy bought 500 pounds of motherboards for 30 cents per pound.
However after reading the limited amount of information available on the forum, I am having second thoughts on selling whole drives, even though I don't feel I can spare the time and effort at this moment to thoroughly scrap.
I don't chuckle today about how I slipped one over on the scrap yard when I threw all those dingy brown platters in the bottom of the shiny aluminum bin, and of course, puzzled by the magnetic/non-magnetic sides of the back, just tossed hundreds of backplates in the shred. Back in those days, the advice from "the experts" who had never sold a board in their life was to just cut the fingers, as that was all that was worthwhile.
Here is my thinking...the whole harddrives will bring more at boardsort than I can get for cleaning them and selling aluminum local; Then, I am countered with the gold platters, plus the rhodium tips, and begin to think that maybe go ahead and pull out the boards for this trip, for another 30 bucks or so on HD boards while saving the dismantling for another time; Then again, some of the big old heavy strange looking units might have value on ebay, since I haven't really had time to research.
Most of my scrapping was done 10 to 15 years ago, and I am having to relearn on the computer scrap, as at my age, I may learn something new every day: unfortunately, at my age, I also forget two old things every day.

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The general thought standard scrapping, as in the 99%, if you’re hand delivering remove the boards. Leave the rest of the drive whole.
You’re making a fair bit extra by selling Boardsort the boards removed.

Most of what’s inside the drive won’t be purchase properly at the consumer/commercial level without a combination of very large scrap companies with a lot of aero-industrial experience, and a lot of pure luck.

My excessive over the top what’s inside series should probably be approached like a Discovery-BBC series.
The basics of HOW is there. And some idea on what is and isn’t worthwhile. However the majority of it is factual, yet useless, information. Geared more for the tinkerers than the outright scrappers. It’s a great wealth of info on where you can find this or that specific component in something you’d normally not look at. And the how does it work crowd among us.
Some of my upcoming submissions are nothing more than curiosity on my part. Things no reasonable scrapper would deal with themselves. Incandescent light bulbs, motors, and a batch of nearly 50 remote control units to find out of a $30 remote from Best Buy is better than the $1 ones from 5 below and dollar general. Occasionally I find gems, like telco boards in junk baby monitors.

Anyway, about the only thing you’re going to score on inside drives is gold platters and only if you have a refinery that will buy them.

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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