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I am going to resume sorting my circuit boards for eventual processing sale, and wanted to know how others are sorting their boards for maximum revenue.I've been hoarding for a couple years now and so haven''t sold any in at least that long. Currently, I have about 6 gaylords of boards. One of them I hand-stuffed with just motherboards.The last time I sold PCBs there was "high grade", "mid grade" and "low grade", without any real definition as to what was what. Now, things seem to be a bit more refined in terms of grades. The last quote I got listed "desktop motherboards" and "server motherboards" separately. Makes sense: server boards have more PM content. I was having a private conversation with someone here the other day (sorry, I forget who) and he informed me that boards from printers, network equipment, etc. was considered "low grade" where he was at. My idea of "low grade" is the stuff I pull from digital phones, stereos, VCRs, etc. I.E. total crap, with basically NO gold content. Printer and network boards have pins, flatpacks, etc. I.E. some gold content. In my classification, I would call that "mid grade". Motherboards then of course would be "high grade".Anyway, I don't care what my system is because obviously it's the market that dictates the price, and I'm only a part of the market. So what is The Market demanding in terms of circuit board sorting?If you're a buyer/processor, how would you ideally like to receive circuit boards for purchase and what do you pay top dollar for?

Please help.

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Every single scrap company has their own methodology for sorting.
There’s some crossover but no set rule of rules.
Recyclers like Boardsort are commercial level scrap companies. One of the very few at that level that deal with the general public and small levels of material. The volume of classes represents the position in the supply chain.
Companies with only 3 or 4 classes tend to be fairly low on the supply chain. They also pay lower. That’s because they sort the materials they purchase themselves and then sell them further up the chain to companies like Boardsort.

Classing here is generally straightforward.
Low grade boards are brown and have few or no ICs.
Midgrade boards are generally a colour other than brown and have some ICs.
Telco boards are full of ICs and lots of precious metals
Peripheral boards are anything that is better than mid grade and not as good as telco; and doesn’t fit a specific type class:

Classes, ram is based on the connector, or finger. Gold, or not.
Gold finger cards have a slot connector on one side that’s gold.
Motherboards are sorted by socket size. The measurement are on the What is it Sticky... how to sell motherboards. They have a large or small socket. And one, or many cpu sockets (dual socket).
They can be green, or some other colour. And the categories reflect that.

B you’d that there’s the controller boards. Hard drive boards are just that. The controller from the bottom of the hard drive that has the connector on it.
Cd/DVD boards come from cd, dvd, tape, floptical, and other such removable storage drives. Again, the board with the attached connectors.

The best place to start is the gallery link on the top left of the main page. Just click the Boardsort logo above to load the home page.
Beyond that there’s many hundreds of posts in the what is it topic. And thousands of pictures. It’s roughly 90-95% accurately grades (I’m working on verifying the oldest posts).

When in doubt post a picture. It’s what this site is for.
We’re a friendly and loyal community. Everyone here will try to help.

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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For me, it depends on what I have at the time I'm going to the yard. For the most part, I'm sorting in 2 simple piles for the bulk: low grade (brown on one side) and mid grade (both sides green). I do separate DVD/CD boards, Hard Drive boards and gold memory along with separate box for mother boards and one for all processors. A big part of what I'm cashing in on is insulated wire and aluminum. But I do usually have a small amount of gold connector ends, brass, IC's that I save up. Oh, I do keep a separate box of bare bright copper and if I've got big weight copper stuff a separate box for that.

I do pile up steel for less often runs to a different scrap yard.

Everyone does it differently. If I had infinite time, I might figure out mid/high/telecom/peripheral grades. I actually had some early 80's high end telecom stuff last run, so I did separate, only because it filled a box all by itself.

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