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Unauthorized copies of audio, video, or other media.
Unauthorized use of a rights owner's images or text in a listing.

Oops I must have missed this when reading the post, there is your answer like Lost said, you used something that violated the rules, either tile or picture. I never use stock photos, I always use my own. I usually never buy if they are only stock photos either, unless it is like a cord or something basic.

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Ebay is a discussion thread of its own I’ve got on the back burner but haven’t gotten to yet.
It’s a cursed blessing that the tech industry really needs.
It helps keep old tech alive and working 30, 40 50 years later.
Be it wooden Apple I computers from the 70s, 300-series IBMs from the 60s, DEC and PARC.
Few peoples outside of tech realise this stuff is not only still sold, but still USED! Daily!
When it comes to printers, ink jet technology has destroyed perceptions in the use it and dump it movement. But laser printers, in general, can last forever. I have an original Laser Pro I still use for oversized printing. That’s from 1989.
It sits on a shelf under my Samsung q laser printer that prints 200 pages in the same minute and a half the Pro takes for one. BUT: nothing on the market prints 9x13” pages.
Tells you something that most office stores still sell that paper despite no printers using it in more than a decade.
Apple Laser Writer parts are the most expensive printer items on eBay. And sell almost every time! Apple Talk estimated a few years ago that 95% of sold Laser Wroters were still in use.
That’s entirely due to the repair and refurbishment industry.
While companies want you to spend on new equipment most recognise that longevity is also good for marketing. That’s why, even though many like Apple and Kodak don’t do refurbishment themselves they have extensive training programs to certify 3rd parties to work on their equipment.
If you’re 1985 printer is still working in 2018; chances are, eventually, when you MUST replace it you’ll go with the same company.
HP is the largest ink jet cartridge refurbisher in the world.
In fact they not only have IN HOUSE refurbishment (refilling) but also have in house remanufacturing. Where damaged cartridges are repaired, filled, and resold.
They have numerous certified companies around the world that refill and remanufacture their equipment cartridges.
Unfortunately ebay also attracts the DIY gold diggers who buy a refill kit, pump it in the cartridge, and claim refurb! Most of these fail. Miserably. Nothing like loosing a 30 year old printer to a bum cartridge. And the probable blame on the manufacturer of the printer, not the refiller.
There is why so many companies are so strict on refills on ebay.
Unless HP was the actually refurb outlet, which is clear on the box; you simply need to work within the rules to make your title and description clear that HP is not involved in the refill. Then being whitelisted is quite easy.

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