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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:25 am 

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Ok, I've made a blunder and blundered big time.

I have a bad habit of skimming when I read sometimes. Especially when it comes to directions. And it's gotten me in trouble a few times here and there. Now is "here and there"!

I've read the payout rates link numerous times, each time, I've skimmed that CD/DVD boards are Peripheral. And skimmed that DVD/ROM boards are well, DVD/ROM boards, a higher payout than CD/DVD since CD/DVD is a peripheral board. What I mean by that is, because I skimmed over the important class metrics, I've been putting all of my CD, CD/DVD and CD/DVD/ROM boards in the same pile. Yeah, that!

Now I'm not certain what a CD or CD/DVD board looks like when trying to differentiate between a CD/DVD/ROM board. If someone could post up a pic of each or tell me what to look for on the board that is a CD/DVD/ROM that would be great.

I think I know by looking at what I have, just want to be sure so I can sort them correctly.

If not, I'll post up a few pics of what I have and can go from there.

Gee Ollie, what a kettle of fish you've gotten us into this time?!?!



PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:20 pm 
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Hey rusty.
In hopes of making this clear I’m going to over complicate my reply.

This is a two part answer for you.
First, by CD/DVD boards the referencing class is specifically for the drive controller boards from computer peripheral drives. Much like the hard drive board class is for the controller board.
The cd/dvd class will cover the primary (normally rectangle) controller for:
Blu-ray ROM/R/RW
A few later era CD-ROM controllers (these are really old CD READ ONLY)
Most LTO tape drives
Some NON-LTO tape drives
External Zip-250 drives
External Zip SCSI drives
JAZZ drives
Cartridge+ drives.

The original CD-ROM drives had giant 5” boards. Most of these actually are peripheral since there’s no cpu, nor ram; just an I/o controller and a DA/AD controller.

Current generation “soft” CD-ROM drives are the same, issue. Again this is not for recorders, but pure readers. “Soft” readers are easily identifiable. They’re smaller than a DiscMan and have a single parallel port (old) or USB pot (new) on the top-back. The board is a circle and never gets above peripheral.

Now, there is another form of dvd and cd drives out there. The home media players. These big rectangular board exceeding 6” with HDMI or RCA ports will normally go as peripheral. A few very Hugh end and some super compact models can fetch telco.

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