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 Post subject: Easy Identification
PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:21 pm 

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I wish I had found this about 2 years ago when I had about 200 pounds of processors, RAM, and old motherboards that I sent off to somewhere else and ended up with about $60 for it. However, life sucks and we move on.

I've read a lot through here and I'm only slightly less confused then I was before I started.

1) Motherboards are easy, gold fingered boards are easy, hard drive boards are easy, but I'm seeing Mid grade, Low grade, Peripheral, and Telecom.
I'm guessing low grade is easy. Power supply boards, TV boards, anything that looks crappy and probably a brown board with little circuitry running through it.
Mid grade is much cheaper than peripheral, but all the identification posts are calling almost everything peripheral. Is mid grade just a prettier version of what a low grade board looks like?
Telecom appears to be a high grade board that may or may not be peripheral. So for easiness one could call it peripheral unless every square inch is covered with IC chips?

2) I'm also also seeing things about not taking items off of boards. I've been popping everything off the boards that's worth anything because I had nowhere to send the boards to.
2a) Such as aluminum heatsinks on the motherboards. Doesn't make a lot of sense to take them off from what I see here, unless you need to do so. Selling the aluminum heatsink for .25 a pound or leave it on and basically sell for $1.20 a pound. Should all of them be left on, or take them off if they're x big?
2b) Such as the isolator and transformers on power supply boards. Since the PSU board is low grade it can't get demoted much I guess. Would boards that have those ALL be low grade though? Or would it lower it to low grade if it was removed from a higher grade?
2c) Such as the IC chips. Which I get a pittance for anyhow so probably wouldn't bother removing when I send here.

Thanks for your help guys.

 Post subject: Re: Easy Identification
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:31 pm 

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Big long reply shortly.
But the most basic way to approach things is common sense. There are multiple common exceptions to ever class rule. Motherboards tend to be no brainers except that any itx board smaller then itxm goes peripheral, unless it's itxµ and then it may go as cell phone board rate. Or if it's old pre Pentium small socket it goes as large socket anyway unless it's telco. And fingerless ram has its own class but some make telco. And some cell phone boards go as motherboard or peripheral.

But the easiest way to figure telco is as you did, total coverage in ICs and CMCs.
A sata or sas terminal station relay card with 40 ports and no transformer will make telco rate. Memory cards like compact flash and full sd cards (shells off both) usually go telco. Most telecommunications equipment falls into telco. Commercial router boards. Server (rack unit) i/o boards can usually clear telco. Video phones and many digital cameras, media players, some cell phones and most tablets and ereaders will go telco class. So do unmodified cartridge boards from the Sega 32x and N64. Atari 5200 carts. many digital watch boards fall in here too.

I'll fill in the rest of your questions in a short while. But generally the gallery (front page link is on the top left) is the best place to start. And if you have doubts post a pic in the what is it forum thread and someone will answer your questions.

 Post subject: Re: Easy Identification
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:28 pm 

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see this thread

 Post subject: Re: Easy Identification
PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:44 pm 
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With regards to depopulating boards, here's what I know:

heatsinks: Only the very tiny ones that are aluminum that are firmly stuck on some onboard GPU or south bridge chips can be left on the board. All others should be removed.

low grade boards: Remove the higher valued items such as aluminum heatsinks, IC chips, and transformers with easy copper recovery. Leave everything else on the board for maximum value.

higher grade boards: Depopulating the board of chips, gold fingers, or other gold plated contacts will generally result in a downgrade of the board. In these situations, the only way to profit is if you are refining where you are located. In a few rare exceptions, removing a socketed IC chip or CPU chip can get you more profit by selling the chip separately without removing too much weight from the board and downgrading it in the process.

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