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Hey yall, im buying pcs for anywhere from 2 to 8 dollars, i try and buy only 80s and 90s mostly and get for mostley 5 bucks, but will pay more depending on cpu, im really new to this, and im studying and studying the crap out of this and love it, im sure ive thrown away thousands of dollars being ignorant to whats worth what. is it really worth stripping down boards? i get so much almost daily, and just dont have time, also is there any way the owners would help me on first load if i delivered over a couple thousand pounds, just for the one time education, because where i stand now theyd be getting pictures daily, i know the difference between the bigger boards isa cards and stuff its the tons of small boards i get, im having trouble figuring out, also Is it really worth the time to strip tv monitor boards? my scrap yard is down and is only paying .40 cents a lb on heatsinks. Thanks guys ill be back with more questions. ive been debating on driving to dynamic which is 2 hrs away, but i just got this gut feeling ill be in better hands driving the 8 to boardsort and my gut is usually right. plus with a few thousand lbs its a good check and you dont have to wait

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from my experience, you are in the right ball park IF you are getting a full computer. If you are getting computers that only have partial components, then you are probably overpaying.

I generally figure on about $8 average return for computers that are full... but you should really do some figuring on your own... take 20 random computers, break them down and figure how much you would make for each computer... do this for every computer... then figure out the average value of those 20 computers... do this a couple times if you have enough computers... eventually you will get a decent average range of value for a computer.

the best thing you can do is to keep figures and records of weights and returns until you have a good idea of what you can get out of certain items. then you will know what prices you can buy things at that will return a decent profit.

where about are you located if you are 8 hours away from boardsort?

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Buying whole computers it hit and miss. You're in the right area for payouts though for general use.
I'll post my Basic breakdown for you shortly.
the higher end is the general break even point.
These are scrap prices btw. You can sell many things condition unknown for 100-thousands percent more than scrap.
So lets keep that in mind. We're looking at the absolutely lowest possible returns here. For something more realistic see my post in the business forum for buying rates
Intel = Intel AMD zylog etc
Sun is any cpu licensed from sun. Etc

Assuming totally complete and whole
intel consumer Pc
286 $8-12
386 $4-8
486 $4-6
Pentium $2-4
Pentium pro $4-6
P2/p3 slot $4-$8
Pentium 3 and newer $2-12 (bigger is better)

apple consumer pc
apple (wood/plastic) $1 or less
APPLE plastic $1-3
Apple 2 $2 base $5 with expansion
Apple 3/lisa. (NEVER SCRAP IT)
3c and 3e $4 (bep)
Mac (any original line with monitor) $8
Mac (aol no monitor) $3-5
Mac power pc era $5-8
Mac g and i era $2-5
Mac g/i till intel $3-5
Mac intel tower $6-8
Mac intel desktop $2-4
Mac intel all in one &6 or less

Sun consumer pc
Mach era $15-20 (lots of socketed 8086 class chips)
Next nxt cube era $8-10

Tandy pc
pre t80/88/800 $15-20
80 and later $1-3

Intel laptop
I80/8086/80186 $15-20
286-386 $8-12
486 $4-10 (some socketed 486 some bga)
Pentium $5-8
P2/586 $8-10
P2 mobile $2-4
Core2 dual $8-10
Other core Pentium $2-$5
Tablets $1-$5
Convertibles $2-5
Phablets $1-4
Phones (smart) $1

Apple laptop
pre air $5-10
Air and thin $2-$3

Tandy laptop
pre intel ti cpu $10-15
Intel cpu $2-5

Special laptop
gaming laptops from falcon nw alienware ibuypower etc $10+ (top around 20)
Kids laptops (single function) $1 or less

Intel server
286 $20-25
386 $18-20
486/Pentium/opteron $15-20
P2/opteron $14-16
P3 opteron era and Pentium pro $15-18
P4 or newer $10-20 (r18 and r24 on the high end)

Ibm/cray corp/nortel server
1984-1992 $20-40
1992-1998ish $10-15
1998+ $4-10

Sun server
pre 1992 $40+
Through current $10-20

Apple server
$5-15 (start at 5 for bare unit add $1 per card $2 per memor expansion)

Special server
takes practice. $10-100+

Rack units (complete)
Must have cpu unit power unit and i/o unit
$50+ (i usually start at $50 for the 3 and rack and add $5-10 per extra "box")

Terminal (dumb)



Anything that has: 8088 8080 4040 4004 and the equivalent of the 1975/6-1984 era EXCLUDING APPLE are worth at least $20 from the cpu and basic rom.
Keep in mind these old boards are junk. You'll need to strip them for selling because despite gold caps and high grade components they're just borderline peripheral grade since it's all on one board. Remove ics cpus capacitors etc for great payouts. Assume the 2 cpu chips for an ounce, the BASIC rom at 1.5-2oz and any other gold caps are bonus. :)
Money in the bank.

I890 servers pre 1988 $40+ (4 gold cap 486 class plus more)

Mini computers take a lot of work but the gold caps and telco boards pay well as does the sheer volume of high grade wire (copper laminate and insulated copper for cu#2

Mainframe units. I've scrapped one once. You need a team. The cost in is high the payout is hugh. But expect a team of 4 experienced tec scrappers to need a full 6 10hr day week to break it down and the equipment to lift and haul the parts.

Keep in mind also I've had laptops scrap out for over $30 in recycling and tower servers pay under $2 so it just takes practice.

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