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The following rules are set in stone. Breaking them will result in a ban of your user, and any more you may attempt to create!
1. Keep it clean.
A) no porn
B) no R18+ 7 dirty words the first one is contextual these days but the rest are flat out banned.
2. do not compete here. This is a community for boardsort users and potential users. Walmart doesn’t advertise in Target’s weekly flyers either. It’s not just bad; it’s desperate.
3. No spam. Spam is unwanted solicitation. It’s not welcome, no matter how good the product is. Use free services such as Yahoo, Craigslist, Vkontake, etc. If you want to cross-promote call Chris directly.
4. Breaking these rules will result in a ban.

Bendable Rules.
1. Language. I recognise that much of Stone Rule 1 is passive parlance for International English and that there or many hundreds of potentially controversial words. Use common sense. If an admin finds it over the top the words, sentence, or post, may be removed.
2. Be nice. Don’t fight. We’re all human. We all make mistakes from time to time. Don’t be nasty about it
3. Don’t offer to sell. Don’t ask to buy. ...without permission. From Chris or an administrator. There are Collectors here; I’m one of them. See something that strikes your fancy shoot an email to Chris or an admin for permission to ask.
4. Keep topics where they belong. Don’t ask about shipping in the What is it category. Don’t ask about plastic or glass in the Boardsort help category.
5. Host images HERE! Don’t use third party cross site linking. Boardsort has a generous free hosting system for your photos.
6. Breaking these rules without permission to do so will result in a strike. Strikes will eventually result in a suspension or ban.

1. Keep photo posts to under 7-10 boards per post. It makes it easier to respond. Breaking this guideline will result in delays in your post getting a reply.
2. Post photos to get grading help. Asking if something is a certain grade without a photo is like asking if it’s raining when locked in an underground bunker. Breaking this guideline will result in multiple users asking for a picture.
3. Keep politics on topic. Asking about trade tariffs and scrap prices, good. Asking about voting and elections and other stuff, bad. This is a scrap and recycling forum. Please leave the politics at the coat check. Breaking this guideline may result in your post being redacted or deleted.

Signatures and avatars are a way to be unique. Keep them within the boundaries of the rules. Do not include links. To not include scripts. Do not be naughty. I’ll delete signatures and avatars that break any of the above rules or guidelines.

Do not test, or torment, the admins or the sysop maliciously. Doing so will result in serious repercussions here and elsewhere.

Chris can be reached at the email address on the top left of every page

Boardsort as a whole has their phone number listed there as well

I can be reached at gmail with the subject line boardsort.
If you have questions: ask!

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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