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Some points about shipping material to

One of the most common questions we receive is "Who pays for shipping?".

At the seller (you) always pays for the shipping, we only pay for the material we are buying.

An analogy would be expecting the local scrap yard to pay for the gas used when selling a load of aluminum cans. They're only paying for the cans.

Other buyers will offer to pay the shipping for you, but in reality the seller ultimately pays because the individual payout rates are lower, or they deduct the shipping from your end payout.

Some customers personally bring material to our warehouse facility 20 minutes east of Cleveland, Ohio. We do ask that you set an appointment so that we know you are coming.

Always make sure you obtain tracking numbers of your packages when purchasing your shipping. These are necessary in order to complete a transaction. Always email them to us so that we can add them to the purchase record.

You can use any carrier of your choice. For packages 70 lbs and under, we suggest checking with the big three, US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx.

We have found the US Postal Service to be the best value when shipping smaller, higher value materials such as memory, cpus and hard drive boards. If you use the Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes you can neatly pack quite a bit of material into one box for one flat rate.

As with any box/package. PLEASE make sure the box is going to support the amount of material and weight that you put in it! Stuffing 70 pounds of sharp edged circuit boards into a flimsy card board box designed more for storing old sweaters than shipping industrial scrap 500 miles will certainly end in disaster.

You would be amazed by the amount of damage e-scrap can do in transit. That goes for all the smaller containers inside of your package as well. If you ship memory, cpus or other smaller items along with your circuit boards, they need to be protected from this torturous abuse.

Smaller cardboard boxes are ideal. Ziplock bags or grocery bags are worthless and should not be used by themselves as they will shred into oblivion. However you can individually bag your cpus or memory in baggies and then place all of those bags into one smaller box. Then securely place that box within your larger container containing the boards. We cannot stress enough how much damage boards do to your boxes, so be mindful of that fact.

Secure the box as if it contained gold, because it does. Use extra cardboard, extra tape, extra care.

Once you have the material packaged and secured, record the dimensions and weight of the shipping container. You can use these figures when comparing rates for a more accurate shipping quote. Visit the website of each carrier you are considering. Prices will vary from location to location, so it pays to shop around.

Surprisingly all to often we will receive an anonymous package from someone, meaning they failed to put a name in/on the box, did not include a packing slip and never emailed tracking. The seller may not realize we receive 1000's of pounds of material a day in our facility, thinking that someone would recognize the lot. Always make sure each and every box is well marked and properly documented inside.

For larger amounts of material approaching several hundred pounds or more you may want to consider shipping freight. Freight shipments should be placed on a pallet. We are a full access facility with uploading bays, docks and forklifts.

If shipping by freight use the freight class code of 55. This is one of the least expensive classes and covers industrial scrap.

If you need to find a freight company, we suggest trying a site called They will shop around and find you a carrier and even make the arrangements.

The other big 3 shippers:

US Postal Service USPS:
United Parcel Service UPS:
Federal Experess FedEx:

Our shipping address:


In review:

- You pay all shipping costs.
- Always obtain and email us a tracking number.
- Make sure your name is in and on the package along with a packing list.
- Secure your packages as if they contained gold. They do.

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