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Welcome to, your complete e-scrap resource website.

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If you are interested in selling material to there are several things you need to know.

First, we only buy sorted materials. That means that when the material arrives at our facility it needs to already be separated into the various pay grades that we buy from. We will not provide our best payout rates on "e-soup" shipments. Sort the material before you ship!

E-soup occurs when a bunch of stuff was just thrown into a box and left for us to sort out. It takes a surprising amount of time for our staff to sort your material so please avoid having us do that. If you provided weights to us during the quoting process, that means the material must have been sorted at one point in order to acquire those weights. Please keep the material sorted throughout the selling and shipping process.

In order to verify your shipments we should be able to simply to lift each sorted grade out of the container and place it on the scale with minimal sorting and effort.

Once you have your materials sorted into the grades that we pay by, you should weigh and photograph those sorted piles of material. You can then provide those weights to us via our Instant Quote Service. This will tell you exactly what you can expect to be paid for your material.

Or if you prefer you can also simply email with a description of what you are selling and we will go from there.

When you use our quote service, there will be a place for you to upload your photos and a brief description of your material pictures. This is important, as it provides us with an opportunity to look at the material you are grading/selling. We would rather catch any mistakes in sorting before it is shipped. Surprises are best left for birthdays when it comes to buying & selling. We do not want you to be dissapointed with your payout as much as we don't want overpay. Let's do the homework first and then ship.

You, the seller always pays for shipping. We only pay for the material. It is worthwhile to shop around the major shippers and see who offers the best rates as they will vary from location to location. USPS flat rate priority boxes are the best value when shipping smaller items. If you have the container dimensions, weight & destination information available the shipper will be able to give you a more accurate cost estimate.

If you are shipping pallets of material via a freight company, we are a full access facility with several loading bay docks and forklifts. You should use Freight Class #55 when setting up your Bill of Lading.

When it comes time for shipping, you must always include a packing list inside of each box. We need to know what it is that you claim is in the box. If you said you had 10 pounds of telecom, we need to know which material is your telecom etc. in order to determine that your sorting and grading is correct.

If you have not yet been paid for the material, make sure you indicate that on your packing lists.

Clearly put your name on the packing list AND on the box! We receive 1000's of pounds of material each day. You would be surprised how many people do not put their name with their shipment. If you fail to properly identify your shipments, you risk not being properly paid, or worse, be subject to a Paypal dispute. ALWAYS include your name in everything you ship, every time.

Do NOT use packing peanuts or shredded paper. If you need to use filler balled up newspaper, folded cardboard, styrofoam blocks or even bubble wrap will work.

It is essential that you email the tracking numbers of the shipments you are sending. There are several fundamental reasons why we need those numbers. It obviously allows us to track where your packages are. It proves that the shipments have arrived and when. Providing us with the tracking numbers is as much about your protection as it is ours. Always record the tracking numbers and directly email those tracking numbers to us with each container shipped. Please do not use the shipping company's website to email those numbers. Instead email them to us directly from your email account.

That brings us to payment. There are several ways in which we can pay for your materials.

You will need to ship the material to us first (sorted of course) and email the tracking. Once the shipment arrives, within 5 business days we will process and verify the material to make sure your grades, sorting and weights are accurate. Once the material has been processed (and any corrections have been made) we will then issue Payment. That payment can be in the form of a Paypal transfer or a postal mailed check. Paypal payments will be made the same day the material was processed. Please note that it can take another week for the postal check to arrive if you chose that option. The payment options will be presented to you when you fill out our instant quote form.

Please note that Paypal charges you a 3% fee to use their payment service. We do not have anything to do with that fee and have no control over it. If you would like to avoid the fee, or avoid using Paypal all together, you can request that a check be issued to you.

All material must arrive first and be processed before a check or Paypal payment can be issued and mailed.

We understand sellers may feel some apprehension shipping materials to us before receiving a payment. We pride ourselves at for having an outstanding reputation. Hopefully you will recognize the level of trust we have built in the e-scrap community and it will help ease some of the worry.

Our shipping address:


In review:

- Sort, weigh and submit info to
- Pack the material in a sturdy shipping box. Keep it sorted inside.
- Include name, contact information and payment preference if needed.
- Ship using a shipping service of your choice.
- Email us the tracking numbers of all of your shipping containers.
- Payment will be issued within 5 business days of material arrival.
(Thursdays are our usually scheduled payout days.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Thank you for trusting!

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