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 Post subject: Classifying boards
PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:31 pm 

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These are based on my experiences and will be updated as needed.

Low grade is any brown board with transformers and or more than 50ish % metal weight and no gold.

Mid grade is any partly green board with transformers and or more than 50% metal weight that has silver or gold connectors. Some high grade power supplies fall here. As do vcr motherboards, tv boards etc.

To be motherboard a board must have the following
A CPU socket or soldered CPU
Atleast one ram port or a soldered FULL SIZE ram card.
Atleast 1 internal gold pin expansion port
Atleast 1 internal gold pin device connector
Atleast 2 external gold pin ports.

Large socket
Aside from listed socket sizes. Any pre Pentium board. Pre 1994/5. Including 486 and DIP processor boards. Regardless of size. Any full-size laptop or notebook board (not netbook and ultra portable). Most all-in-one computer boards. Ie, dell, apple, samsung.

Small socket
Aside from the listed measurements.
Remaining small form factor all in one computers (lower standard) netbook boards, itx/btx motherboards with integrated CPUs.
Main boards from smart tvs. Convertable's motherboards. Basically anything with all the motherboard components that is not large socket and has a PGA, LGA, gold pined bga ir gold connector quad flat. Any full motherboard with a soldered cpu.

Let's just make this one easy. Anything better than midgrade will be peripheral at the very least of grades. Quick exceptional boards that are low/mid and go peripheral. Any tv/video i/o board with atleast one complete set of component/composit jacks and no transformers goes here. Floppy disk controllers also go here as long as ALL the pins are intact. Many not quite full motherboards also gi here, such as most video game system boards.
Excluding low/mid grade boards all escrap boards start here. Population of components can make them go up. Removing stuff can make them go down.

Is any non gold cap high grade board that is not a hard drive or cell phone board and is not a CPU. There is no standard here. It's by board. So ask.

Gold cap
Fairly self explanatory. A board that has one or more gold cap CPUs.

(Hidden class) air card
Some very specific wireless cards go as this.

Cell phone boards
The main boards from cell phones.
Also includes a very small selection of boards from micro tablets, phablits, PDAs, media players, cameras, and other portable devices.

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