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 Post subject: How to ship; under 70lbs
PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:33 pm 
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Here's my breakdown from shipping various items various places across the country and around the world.
All flat rate shipping is ignored here. If it fits in a flat rate postal box that's the best option for anything over a few lbs.
if you need larger boxes Fedex has flat rate shipping and freight options

US residents:
Up to 7 pounds the postal service is usually best.
Over 7 lbs use Fedex
If you have 3 or more boxes use Fedex. Your shipping billing will be by total girth, not individual sizes. This will always cost less.

Do NOT use ups! Ups ground shipments do not include insurance beyond the base recovery of $25. Without adding extra expensive insurance options you are unable to recover anything more than that; and may receive less. Regardless of listened rates feed in filing a claim limit the upper end of base inclusion recovery to exactly $24.96 at the COMERCIAL rate of $100 per shipment coverage.

Example at the very edge of single shipment restrictions;
A 24x24x26 package. Weight 69 pounds

Usps ground 3 zone. $50 insurance base.

Fedex ground $100 insurance base.

Ups ground $50 insurance base

International shipping:
Boardsort does NOT accept inbound international shipments. If you want to use international services here are some things to keep in mind to make everything go smoothly and everyone happy.

You MUST use an international transfer service. That is a service such as DHL int select that does the final shipment from a US address TO a us address.

You MUST have a paypal address linked to a WBA or US bank account.

You MUST have a US payment address

You MUST accept payment via PayPal

You ARE bending their rules

You and YOU ALONE are responsible for your shipment. Board sort will not accept a billing notice, nor a customs form, nor a 905a form, nor anything beyond a dock delivery notice.
They will NOT help you deal with USDICE for fees, taxes, duties, losses, etc.
ETC referring to anything and everything that is possible. If something goes wrong you and you alone are responsible for fixing or not fixing any issues.
This is a RULE. This is a FACT.
If you are not willing to loose it don't send it. PERIOD!

How to go about doing this:
Setup all shipping from A-Z with a service you trust. This service must RESHIP the package from within the US. Hence do not use the post office, Fedex international , etc.

Fill out the form for a quote using your, or the shippers, us address.
When completed and submitted send an email to Chris at boardsort dot com. Include your order number. And inform him of your shipment department and transfer locations. You know where you live, and a legitimate transfer service will give you the transfer distribution address up front!

Make sure, absolutely sure, that everything is paid upfront. Boardsort has no responsibility for any shipment originating outside the US and will refuse any shipment that does not bare a US sender address. Period.
Contacting them ahead of shipment after your quote is submitted allows for a lock-in of your quote for a bit of time; within reason (weeks, not 6 months for a boat shipment from Madagascar.)
I only post this because there are a couple of western and central Asian users who have asked about this.

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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