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 Post subject: Re: ID HELP PLEASE
PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 8:18 am 

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Boardsort wrote:
FlyersMike wrote:
lostinlodos wrote:
All peripheral

...if i sent this board to Boardsort, they would just rip this off the board and i wouldnt get paid for that weight. I know i was told this happened in the past, and i never get any additional money amounts for aluminum heat sinks in my past shipments.

I know these pieces of aluminum are not much weight, but im just asking for future reference. Boardsort does go through every board in a Peripheral pile and just rip those off those types of things, correct?

That block in question is a connector block. It is made of plastic and has gold tipped connectors inside, it can stay on the board with no issues.

I want to clarify something about our removal of metal from the boards we buy. Yes there are cases where you may not have been paid for metal that we removed from your board "in order to save it from a downgrade". (important distinction there)

We have no problem helping our customers with miss-graded and improperly sorted material. I will happily correct your mistake, downgrade OR upgrade with no penalty and pay accordingly. Nothing makes my day more than when I tell a customer they have more $ than they were expecting. I do it every week, but unfortunately I sometimes have to tell them it was less.

With most buyers, if you sell a material that is "dirty" (in this industry dirt means the material has other junk on it such as metal and big capacitors etc) they are going to down grade it. Period. Higher paying buyers cannot clean the board and still give you the clean price (minus the dirt) and then PAY for the dirt (in this case the aluminum that was removed). They instead will call it Mid or worse Low grade and move on. Womp Womp.... Too much junk to wade through? The whole lot goes as a downgrade. I've seen it.

I will (at least in the case Mike referred to ) try to help you preserve your intended grades by doing BASIC cleaning and then tell you what/why I did it.

This is a courtesy. Don't test it. I am not stating that I will clean your boards. I am saying that if you made an honest mistake I will correct it for you. Having said that I will also downgrade material that is not properly sorted or grossly neglected dirt wise. There is a fine line and I have been in this business long enough to know if someone is taking advantage of that line.

The dirt (in the above quoted case it was some aluminum heatsinks) will fall to the shop floor to be swept up with the rest of the scraps that accumulate throughout the day. For us to attempt to collect and weigh those cleanings is going beyond what I will still pay for "sorted and cleaned material" that really wasn't.

I am the fairest buyer you will find, but in order for us to remain fair we must buy the material in a fair but efficient way.

Make sure you do the work on your end so that you can get paid for it.

I just wanted to put that out there.


I apologize for how my message came off to you. I didnt mean it in a way of Boardsort ripping me off in any way. I never looked at Boardsort in that way, opposite in fact. You help and teach me so much!

Im only asking so i can make sure my future shipments are shipments where all you need to do is confirm the weights. That is always my goal!

 Post subject: Re: ID HELP PLEASE
PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 4:36 pm 
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My 2cent follow up.
I’ve been on the back end elsewhere before. So a downgrade was an assumption. That coupled with the partial memory of a conversation with boardsort a long while back.
I’ve always removed any heatsinks, shields, anything metal I could easily get off on the general assumption I’d be downgraded.
Because I’ve seen orders so obscene in lack of cleaning and prep that it bordered on mean; definitely rude. And I’ve have very loud arguments with people over not removing metal and demanding to be paid fully anyway.
One episode that I’ll never forget was a few dozen early 2000s semi-custom gaming boards, motherboards. High end boards, very valuable. (These were binned boards from the actual manufacturer). And the offer would have been a few dollars each. But they had giant multi-pound heatainks on ALL the controllers and the processor. Not to mention a giant aluminium shield across the board.
Needless to say the roughly 30č per lb was not accepted. The 30 seconds of work per board they could have done would have netted over $100 in value.

Now valuations have changed drastically over the decades but the principle holds true.
That boardsort is actually willing to remove the stray heatainks; wow. That’s a winner in my book. I’d personally have downgraded the boards .

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

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