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PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:28 am 

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First time posting here, so I apologize if this question is answered somewhere that I have not found yet.

I have a batch of PC motherboards, peripheral cards, power supply cards, hard drive boards and other various PCBs that range from the 8086 to Pentium 4 era. Some of these boards and cards are in pieces and came from PCs, DVRs, tape players, AM/FM receivers, VCRs and other machines that look like they have been attacked by a sledgehammer or given the "Office Space" printer treatment. All have been depopulated of gold pins, aluminum heatsinks, steel parts, any exposed copper, chips, tantalum caps and MLCCs. The peripheral cards from ISA to PCI-e have had the fingers cut off. I also have a healthy amount of various RAM from 30 pin SIMMS to the most recent that wouldn't sell for more than a couple dollars on ebay, and a healthy amount of CPUs from 386 to Pentium 4. None of the RAM has been depopulated.

There are a many small green boards like those on PC fans.

Pentium II processors--send those with CPU detached from its card or as a unit?

Should I sort this stuff per the Pay Out Rates list? I imagine all of these boards and cards exclusive of the RAM and CPUs would be low grade? There are also a large number of caps and other pieces that have come off somewhere along the line. Should I just throw all of the pieces in a box and weigh it? Some of it consists of just circuit board traces with some solder and a few discrete components like resistors and caps attached.

Thank you for any help. I can post a photo tomorrow of what I'm looking at if it will help.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:20 pm 
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Well: assaulted boards are always going to be by board grading.
Ram and CPUs if properly sorted pay well. Depopulated boards, are all over the place.
For extreme examples:
I’ve had totally striped wire backplanes from the 70s still wind up in the telco (pre split) class do to the pure volume of gold in the pin holes.
And I’ve had LED sign mounts (just gold pins) make midgrade (I expected low) due to the few dozen pins on the huge empty board.
In general depopulation reduces a boards value. Quickly. A stripped motherboard with JUST the external ports will be low grade. Stripping an Galaxy Edge board bare can still get peripheral.

Anything damaged needs to be reviewed one by one.
Pictures make classing easy.

-- my grades are my own and do not represent an offer from boardsort, nor are they guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 4:51 am 

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Is there a grading guide for cards here like the one for motherboards so that I can sort my material for shipping without posting photos to ask you good folks what everything is? The photos are so tiny on the sell list, and the photo for gold finger card with no bracket HAS a bracket.

I have a bunch of old ISA and PCI, and a few SCSI cards: sound cards, video cards, network adapters, memory boards, old MFD HDD controller cards, power supply boards, and mouse boards (many ball and a few optical with a chip that looks like it has gold legs), and some cards I don't recognize. Then I have some odds and ends of which I have only one of each, like a small home Wi-Fi/Router board, a DVR motherboard that has been depopulated...

Some cards have had the fingers cut off. All transformers have been removed. All copper bearing inductors have been removed. All steel and aluminum heatsinks have been removed. All backplate brackets have been removed. Some MLCC and Tantalum caps have been removed. All pin jumpers have been removed.

I have never seen anything about the jumpers--Does anyone know are the jumper guts gold plated? They look like it.

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