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So, here’s the big project:

I’ve been working on looking into an automation process for the recycling of both dry cell canister batteries and canister capacitors.

Batteries are currently recycled by very select companies around the country. It’s a net loss value process at the moment due to labour.

You have a plastic or foil wrapper.
A steel or aluminium shell.
Potentially an inner shell.
The chemicals and the solid metals inside.
The top and bottom terminals
All of this crimped into a shell during production
I was triggered with the idea watching a short on a company that decrimped expired food cans to recover the food for composting.

Capacitors are quite similar. Plastic, foils, and chemicals.

Now, with batteries, the internal chemicals can be turned into fertiliser.
Something companies have been doing for quite some time despite coverage only being recent.

So my project goal was looking at a system that would basically unbuild a battery in reverse of the manufacturing process.
As for capacitors.
Well the plastic and foil could be recycled. The actual chemicals refined and reused.
Same method of unbuilding.

The automation takes out the labour costs and thus makes the process close to cost neutral if not positive.

I’ve kept this close to my chest until I could file a patent. I didn’t want this to end up locked into any one company.
If I can find someone to charity invest in the idea with open licensing, and it actually works (it should), this could save all those batteries! Make them help the environment!

As I’ve always said: anything man can make man can unmake.
The challenge is doing so without loosing money.

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