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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 3:21 pm 
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Plastic to fuel.
It’s an intriguing prospect.
It’s being studied by literally thousands of individuals all over the world. But no major financial backer exists; yet.
Whoever does break through is going to be an overnight billionaire.

Multiple studies have done the breakdown and they all come up with slightly different results but generally: the same amount of source raw oil from the ground can make 2 gallons of 92oct petrol, 1 gallon of diesel, 1 quart of motor oil, or 10 plastic bags.
There’s more oil in the plastic container than in the motor oil itself.

There’s shows and reports about diesel truck owners running on discarded kitchen grease. So eat more bacon and then drive home on it. :D*

Sticking our trash in the engine back to the future style is on the horizon. Assuming we don’t go electric or some liquid gas before then... it’s on it’s way.

As far as the little I’ve read and understand, the problem in fuel recovery is the same in all plastic recycling — mixed polymers.

There’s been studies on parasites and bugs who eat plastic and poop oil. Not fast enough
There’s also been studies on using bugs as fuel. Not a good plan for the ecosystem.
You can burn it and trap the heat. Bad for the atmosphere.
Etc etc etc etc.
Probably in another hundred years. Then again we’ve got thinking computers (Siri, Alexa), semi-sentient AI (rememberers the Everquest self replicating debacle), self driving cars (when they don’t crash), and personal jet packs. So if a smart person get interested Enough... sure.

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the above is a link to a paper about the turkey guts and feathers project, from around 2003. It uses a water/pulverized organics (wood, plastic, tires, computers, plastic, sewage sludge, etc) as feedstock, which is cooked at about 500 F and then flash cooled so that the oil separates. The gases given off are recycled to heat the slurry mix. As the solids are separated from the oils, there is carbon, metals, and fertilizer and light oil streams so that all is recovered.

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