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PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:02 am 

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Does Boardsort or any other local company buy neodymium magnets and the permalloy shells they're connected to? Also, what kind of magnet is in CD/DVD drives? (the little circle ones) and do they sell? (I know some are neodymium but some are a diff make-up)

Plus, MLCC's, Tantalum caps, and gold/crystal oscillators?

After breakdown of a LCD TV, the small square ribbons(usual green) attaching the plane to the nice gold finger board(the long skinny one or couple depending on size "), do they contain precious metals? gold or what looks like a cell/IC die attached to them?

Are there any kind of resistors, besides the obvious gold legged or plated ones, that contain precious metals I should seek out for?

Dallas Switches, If you remove the internal batt(or w.e the internal thing you remove), can it go as IC then?

Much love and sorry for the bunch of Q's
If this doesn't pertain to the right discussion forum, I'm sorry; wasn't sure

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 10:41 pm 
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No on magnets for boardsort but some yards will take them.
Dvd drives, those little rectangles are usually nickel cobalt.

no/no/sometimes depending on the package. Email Chris a sample photo.

The thin gold plated wire ends can be cleanly trimmed and added to gold fingers. You’ll need a minimum of half a pound of (mixed source) fingers though before boardsort can process a quote for them. 0lbs 8ozs on the quote form. They prefer pounds though.
I’m not sure what the long rounded bars are made of. I never had them tested. I probably should.

Not really. Most are nickel or tin plated brass and can simply have their pins sorted with the silver plated brass.

Yes. If you remove the top cover and the battery IC class works.
Most use a button cell but a few companies use a dry cell lithium canister battery. About the size of an N type. AAAA (4A) is popular in modern replacements.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 1:19 am 

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You da man, thank you lost
Much love

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