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Both Argus and Komodo have the same general conclusion.
Flow stabilisation is reaching normal.
What that means for buy and sell points is up for debate. But at least we can expect some stability in the coming days and weeks.

This has been a wild year for steel.

Non-enhanced 400s have been as low as $0.002 per pound and as high as $0.10.

I won’t say sell or hold. I’m as confused as everyone else on pricing movement.
One thing well noted in industry reports is there has been a national purging of junk with people forced into their homes for work. This year has shown the largest recycling numbers since the late 80s roll-outs.

We’ve also seen a massive amount of recent tech wind up in the scrap stream. A byproduct of work at home and stimulus payments. People upgraded computers, televisions, and other related tech much earlier in its lifespan.
In multiple countries, including the US, the return market has now surpassed 1994. From Sell Broke to Black Market Tech, to Amazon Trade—the market for damaged and outdated is the largest it’s ever been.
For escrap that means a high increase in relatively recent components.

That’s good new for us scrappers. (And those of us in retro and salvage as well). Last year I discussed how it would be years before we would see SSDs get a class. Here or anywhere.
Now I think we’ll see classes mid year for all 4 SSD form factors.
Prices on working mid-teens drives have dropped to commodity levels. 128 and 256 gigabyte drives are under $50. Often under $25 used.
I expect a massive shift to solid state; and a resulting major dump on hard drives. Low end quad layer 1TB drives have sunk to occasionally being in the sub $75 range. DLC and TLC 1TB drives float in the $100 range. Even single layer (SLC) double provisioned enterprise drives are under $250 now.

On magnetic hard drives:
Optical positioning micro tracking and HAMR are here in full force.
Seagate, IBM, and Hitachi all have server drives over 40TB now well under $500. With MTTF in the 6 year range. So once again further expect a massive hard drive dump as this only adds to the replacement rate.

All in all despite wild fluctuations in metals rates the market looks to be stabilising and an influx of high quality components will likely drive escrap prices up despite the increased volume.

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