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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2022 9:28 pm 
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Monitors are a problem. And that’s more than just getting rid of them.

Flat glass monitors like from Sony and Gateway still pack a mighty value when working. A 32 inch gateway theatre display can fetch a few hundred. And I’ve seen Sony ones priced in stores in the $200-$500 range. Keep in mind people selling (vs pricing) at those rates dropped $50-$100 to an AV company for a full spectrum test and include the data sheets.

Even more expensive? Earlier RGB large screen monitors. Anything over 20” that passes colour testing is going to fetch real money.

The issue is, as of 2022, 46 states have restrictions on lead glass that go beyond the federal epa regulations.
Meaning you’re likely paying someone with a permit or license to take it from you despite the glass having value on its own. And that absolutely sucks!

So that pallet of 50 random tested working monitors may have 0 or 1 worth actual money. Or 25. Or…! Buying a warehouse of them is tossing a coin.
Find an RGIY monitor and head to the bank! And yes, collectors of brands like some common models enough to pay. Even dead.

The question ultimately is how much trouble are you willing to go through.

I tend to not take them. Not unless I have my eye on something specific. I’ve seen iMacs sold as monitors. E machines. Old 8bit computers. Terminals.
If I know it’s there I’ll bid. But if bid name is public others tend to jump on anything I bid on bulk wise. Making life that much more difficult.

On the karma note though I’ve had people ask me on their wins why I bid. ‘What’s in it’ and what they won.
One person spent $400 on a pallet. Asked what I bid. $50. And why? A 12-key 80x20 calculating display. Worth about $20. Would have made a nice addition to my transitional collection. Oops. Lol.

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