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 Post subject: thermal pads
PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2022 11:32 pm 

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curious what used thermal pads may be good for. im about to deal with a bunch of it. anyone have any interesting--other uses for it? thanks

 Post subject: Re: thermal pads
PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2022 12:09 am 
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Thermal pads come in two types.

Organic makes up a tiny fraction of a percentage and are never used on anything with high heat transfer.
They break down to two categories
Paper based, using paper fibre
And wood based, using grass and corn fibre.
Just rub it with your thumb. If it agrees into tiny multicoloured fibrouse yuck it’s organic. Toss it in your yard, flower pot, etc. makes good free-ish mulch.

Today this is made from recycled metalised plastics.
Apx 70-75% is aluminium based. I’ll come back to this.
Another 15-25% is silver based. This is worth some cash. Often around $1 per pound. It has a reflective look when wet compared to the drab battleship grew of Al.
The remaining is “high value” metallics and fetch big time money. You find this stuff in current apple M series products, ROG, Samsung phones post 2019, and boutique builders if you chose metallic pads (pads, or paste).
and many private space equipment products. And randomly elsewhere.
This stuff has exotics and rare earths, PM, etc.

Back to aluminium:
Well, it makes great sealant if it’s pliable. Windows. Plumbing. I’ve used it as plumbers putty for outbound pipes.

You can use it as modelling clay. Make something. Put it on a STEAL/IRON tray in a convection oven at 250• for about an hour to make it hard and somewhat durable.

Great for DIY stained glass and bead melt art. Rather than the crap tin the kits give you.

Find a willing and knowledgeable yard and it’s worth Al #3 or #4.

For rich people, if you have a fire spitter car you use a fair amount as a protective layer around the exhaust pipes. It holds auto paint well. Less risk of setting your bumper ablaze.

It’s great for sound dampening. If you have or want a home studio.

Replace lead weights on tires? Reduce weight.

In other-words it’s garbage. Upcycle if you can and want. Recycle if available.

42 6F 61 72 64 73 6F 72 74 2E 63 6F 6D

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