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 Post subject: Big money drives
PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2022 4:01 pm 
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Your target resale drives, in order of value for working/tested

Still used in MiniComputer and Server applications. Still produced in very small numbers.

This is NOT the same as ATA interface. Make sure you get an actual ATA1 adaptor. Not ATA. They are NEVER available as multiport adaptors. And use a small interface box at the adapter end.
These are vital for origins XT computers, the first PS/1, and many 3000 and 6000 series IBM minicomputers. They were also used later for the last generation of 8-bit non-pc computers.
They top out at about 10MB and fetch hundreds or more.

SA-Attachmentment, SCSI and SCSI-II
These are very popular even now. The Smallest drives are in the upper KB range but reach into the low GB range up to 2GB. SA drives between 256 and 800 KB sell for thousands, as they are the only option for 4-bit, early 8-bit, and most pre-modern bit-slice systems.
Early SCSI is 100% compatible with any modern SCSI/SAS system. Adaptors cost a few dollars, as they are passive, all they do is change pin signals.
SCSI and -II drives range from a few tens of dollars to many hundreds. The smaller sizes are the more expensive; the higher end sizes are still produced (500MB-2GB) so prices remain comparatively low.
Value for smaller sizes is based on ease of use. You don’t have to worry about fancy file system partitioning and bridges for a 50MB drive with retro OS like CBM DOS or AMI DOS. Where a Gigabyte drive is a headache for the most knowledgeable users.
For Amiga, AD6/WB4.x supports up to 560MB oob. While most people use the USB HD cartridge today for small ATA drives, purists prefer the 128-512MB drives.
Amiga is the most active retro group after the MS/DR/Caldera DOS users.

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