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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2020 11:28 am 
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Does 30 cent a lb for a ~1300lb pallet of computers stacked to eye height and Shrink wrapped, from what I can see on the tops most of it is partially gutted, scrapyard computers so for estimation pruposes I'm not counting on much more than the main board in each case, some pallets are primarily desktop cases but I picked out one that has several I guess server type cases, cube shaped with a clearly hi telco main board inside, probably the majority of stack by volume, based on shape, but at that price, that's nearly $400! That seems like a lot for my first pallet from a yard, does this seem high or too high, definitely seems to high based on what they pay for stuff, but could just be my lack of experience buying in this setting,

What's the typical weight ratio of steel case to Mobo/ main board weight, trying to estimate how much weight in board would be in this pallet

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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2020 2:53 pm 
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Let’s get the obvious out of the way.
The Weight ratio is drastically out of your favour
A full computer to make math easy is about 10% boards.
So figure 130 or so lbs of boards.

Cube servers are my favourite. Both for recovery and for scrap.
On the scrap side multi pound backplane boards are a joy.

The gamble is yours to make.
If it’s just motherboards your doa on the buy.
But if you get ram out of each one you can quickly break even.
Servers: any risc servers With non-ultra CPUs are going to quickly cover your expenses as well. Even today many risc CPUs remain black fibre or ceramics. Excluding arm most risc chips are still 30nm or above in fabrication size. It’s just easier to produce on that level in smaller batches.

The key value on these are backplanes, memory, CPUs, and if you get lucky SCSI cards. Unfortunately past the PIII/k7 era motherboards rarely weigh more than a pound. Even the largest server MBs like the Gigabyte Extremes tend to be under 2.

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