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PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:50 am 
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As many of you know, Ohio has been adversely effected by the extreme precautionary steps that our State government has put into place, including shutting down our schools, restaurants, bars and other entities in order to mitigate the current situation, with a complete shutdown of all non-essential services being the next step.

While this last extreme measure has NOT yet been put into action there is no telling if and when this will actually happen.

To be clear, is NOT closed and we WILL still continue to purchase and process material until such a time comes where we are either forced to temporarily suspend operations, or because of illness.There are currently NO DELAYS and folks that have sent material already are still being paid on time (every Thursday).

However, having said that, this is a very fluid and rapidly developing situation, therefor I must suggest, with great hesitation, that you consider the possibility that your material may get caught in the crossfire of these extreme measures and not be processed in the timely manner that we strive to achieve.

If you are relying on your payouts as a primary or a needed source income then please know there is a risk that Ohio will be on a mandatory 2-3 sequester at any moment. This means only essential emergency and public service workers will be permitted to travel to and from work and that all business may close which would prevent our company from receiving, or processing your material during that period.

Also consider the possibility that we, or I (Chris) may be forced into a self quarantine situation which would also create major delays in our payout turnaround times.

I am making this post not to alarm or panic our customers, but instead to make sure they understand the dilemma that we may be facing.

The satisfaction and service of our customers has always been my priority, ALWAYS. That is why I am making this statement. The LAST thing we want is to create hardships, frustration or negatively effect our customers in anyway.

Therefor, please know that while WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING material, there is a chance, albeit minimal, that we would be forced to shutdown for a period of 2 weeks or more by order of the State due to this global outbreak.

You are welcome to send your material as normal, and we will continue to process and pay as normal. However only do so if this is a non-essential income. I would hate for you to get caught in limbo with your material either sitting in our warehouse with no one to process, or being returned by the shipper.

I did not make this statement lightly. But first and foremost my customers come first, and I owe it to you to be as forward looking as I can be with respect to our future operations.

As of now, we are open and operating without delay, but this is a fast moving and ever changing situation. 2 weeks ago I would never have imagined having to write this letter.

Thank you for understanding. Please be safe, wash your hands and use common sense.

Chris Skeeles -

PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:44 pm 

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Prayers for our OHIO neighbors! Thinking of you in Indy. Please take extra special care of yourselves , see when it's over!!!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:57 am 
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Boardsort update: WE ARE OPEN!

We have been informed that our industry has been deemed essential. That means that once again we are open for business and are accepting materials!

There will be a few changes to the way we operate but they will be minimal.

First, all incoming shipped packages will be set aside for a period of 7 days before being processed. This allows any pathogens that may have been present to be naturally neutralized before being handled.

As you can imagine we receive packages from every corner of the country and even the globe which puts our staff at a greater risk of becoming ill. Some of the worst hit areas are also the most numerous in the number of package we receive.

In order to minimize the delay, we will be adding additional processing and payout days to our weekly schedule. More on that as it develops, but based on this plan we feel we will be able to turn your material around and get you paid with the least amount of disruption. Some customers will not even detect a difference.

With respect to In-Person sales, we are instituting common sense measures to protect our staff and our customers. These include simple steps including social distancing and limited person to hand contact. We will release more details on these steps as they are developed.

At this time we ask that you communicate with us first before making the journey so that we can prepare our staff and inform you of any essential bits of information you may need to safely transact.

Please know that the health and safety of our customers, our employees and our families are a priority. This is why we are working hard to provide a solution that allows us to conduct business while exercising strict but sensible measure to protect us all from the invisible scourge.

Thank you to all of our customers for their continued patronage and support, and together as a company and a nation we will prevail.

So as of now, please send your material the same as before knowing that we will continue to provide you with the same trustworthy and quality service as we have for the past 10 years.

Be safe and wash your hands.

Chris Skeeles

PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:11 am 
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Well ding dong!

I like to think of BoardSort as essential too.

Representin otown, central FL

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