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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2022 7:46 am 

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Thats been my experience. I went from a street scrapper to an organ guy as it was 'easy' to get them with a trailer and they are pound for pound better scrap. But, mums the word.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:28 am 
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So as long as we’re discussing crazy stuff:

Electric clothes dryers and dish washers are my favourite home scrap. Big motors. Lots of copper. Very easy to disassemble.
And do NOT scrap the boards. Post them on ebay and wait forever. This input and controller boards can fetch well into the hundreds. Post them at some arbitrary price like $243.91 with a best offer option.
I usually use my truck to grab bid scrap but I found a massive dishwasher once that I couldn’t left let alone get into the car’s trunk.
So I grabbed the chains and straps and rigged it up to the back of the car and literally dragged it near a mile home. It trashed the outside but I sold the racks for $50 each, the spray fan for another $50. The rack wheels for $10 for a set of 4. The chrome buttons went for $20 each!

But those boards cost a fortune to replace and many people are just fine buying them off eBay. Especially when the appliance guy wants to sell you one for 800+!!!

I don mess with frogs/freezers or AC because I don’t want to deal with freon. But some caution and good thinking, propane grills are another good item.
So are NG gas ovens and grills.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere; older large appliances are also a way to find occasional gold cap chips. I’ve sent Chris quite a few over the years just hearing the board with a heat gun and popping out the chip and its gold legs.
I still can sell the board on ebay (missing controller chip #abcd123).

People love parts! So always try to sell first.
But there’s no complaining about a free 80lb motor from a 100 pound washer or dryer. ;)

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