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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 9:43 pm 
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I’ve backed off a bit. Few helpers here are getting most of it right so I figured the best way for everyone else to learn is to have others hash things out.
I do keep an eye out.
I intend to start poring over post’s weekly, probably Friday or Saturday, just to review things.

I’ve dedicated the majority of my attention to a project I’m trying to finish up before I turn my attention back here fully.

Mercury was used in all sorts of things since it was a reliable, stable, known-properties material. Relays are just one. Electrically we also have switches, capacitors trips, temperature sensors, fuses, timed capacitors… some later mainframes used Mercury thermometers for fail safe automated shutdowns.

Most of our current understanding of the elements (think periodic table) was supplied by watching properties of Mercury vs other.
Our understanding of temperature.
Even time, relativistic existence, and quantum theory! All owe some thanks to this strange metal.

Sadly, like so many good things, (chocolate, mushrooms, sugar, pizza, Anakin), Mercury can eventually kill you. And if you don’t die, you probably would wish you did.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:03 pm 

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Well I'm glad, I like to think I know what I'm doing but like my signature says, I'm here to learn.

The History of AV? Or a different project. I've skimmed the History of AV, not necessarily my particular interest but still interesting.

Okay, I think I'll quit adding non-relevant conversation to a topic about what boardsort won't buy, unless boardsort not buying non-relevant conversations makes it relevant...

Here to learn more so I can recycle more
My grades are my own opinion and not an official grade from Boardsort

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:18 pm 
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Update: BoardSort does not buy non-relevant conversations. It hosts a few though.

Something else entirely. A damaged? port to M1 that I’m trying to figure out.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2021 6:17 pm 

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What will happen if someone shipped a ionization smoke detector (which has radioactive americium in it), has mercury wetted relays, or coin cell lithium batteries? I'm sure boardsort staff know what are common hazardous materials to pay attention, but what will happen if it doesn't get noticed and proceeds to the refining process?

I'm not sure about laws but will the seller face legal problems too?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:09 pm 

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lostinlodos wrote:
marked141 wrote:

And a dozen+ other related items. Yes
If you accept anything following this statement and drop dead you’re decedents are not allowed to sue me. If you read any further your accept the SCOTUS level of meeting of the minds.

Let me play the I don’t care devils’ advocate here for a brief moment.
Is Mercury dangerous. Yes.
Deadly? Not to humans in normal oops moment amounts. Though it has its issues. And could definitely kill your pets or kids. if I was responsible for my baby (doggie-poo’s) death I’d probably jump off a bridge!

The biggest issue is the regulations for companies like Boardsort (and myself) to properly deal with Mercury legally.
If you acquired it after 1996 you are require by federal law to report ownership transfers of any Mercury containing device over a certain amount (I don’t know the exact quantity but it’s over one fluid ounce). Some states have lower thresholds.

Dealing with, and tracking, Mercury is a major concern for the EPA. As such nobody wants it.
Personally I go to the extreme in care to use a micro drill to remove any components with Mercury.
And I use an RFIR dual scanner to test solder on anything prior to the mid 80s. Better safe than sorry. For me AND BoardSort.

It’s just bad juju all around to mess with it.
I have a county collection on weekends that takes Mercury containing devices. They looked at me kind of strange the first few weeks I went but have come to just take my word on it after a decade of weekends.

Most Mercury devices fall into three types no matter what they actually do; tech wise.
The toaster boxes Chris warns of
Glass tubes (usually with a screw base but wire and pegs exist)

I'm curious as to your thoughts about using mercury for gold recovery (like on gold pins); as well as, how to safely get it out of things like projector lamps, monitor tubes & coin sized batteries I find in small items from china. I recently opened up a little key chain flash lights I got from a bank & found HG (mercury) marked on a battery hidden under a regular coin battery.
From what I can tell, mercury is still used in "small-scale gold mining", with very little loss if done right. There's a few sites & videos on the subject, but I've not seen it used for scrapping. What are your thoughts?

As for the radio active, you may want to search for "David Hahn" to see what not to let your kids do with it.
There is also some you tuber examining amazon "health products" to show the radiation levels. Stuff like arm bands & wands & I think pillows. Claims that the dust is the real danger (like nearly everything else, including mercury & led, the danger is getting it in your lungs). That why its relatively safe to use "uranium glazed pottery" as dinner plates. However, one does not wear a dinner plate on its arm for 24 hours or more. Even got several products removed.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2021 1:06 am 
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My thoughts? Don’t.
I do a LOT of stupid stuff in my investigations. Dig into some of my very old posts to find links to photo albums still spread out here and there. If you have a strong stomach, follow my causes for trips to the hospitals.
Exploding glass. Exploding batteries. Nearly severed fingers. A drill through my hand (on live YouTube).

That’s one metal I don’t play around with.

When I say normal oops I’m talking about a broken thermometer.
Not a relay or a capacitor.
The light tubes in wrestling matches are of minimal concern. Vs what you could inhale from heating mercury solder.

And using it with the gold capture process… especially when heated. No. I think 24 hours in Chernobyl is a safer idea.

You do you. And some people are quite fine with handling it. I’ll pass: thanks but, um, just no.

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