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I'm confused about what is a Goldfinger card and what is a slot processor. And can a trimmed finger card be considered high Telecom?

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Boardsort tends to sort things that are consistent in what they're made of; so, if a manufacturer makes 100s of thousands or millions of something there's a higher chance that those things could be sorted separately, especially if they're higher value.

A slot processor is a CPU but made in a different format that includes gold fingers. These are all pretty standard in what they're made of, have higher value components, and were made in large quantities so they get their own category.

GFCs come in a wide variety of designs because they perform a lot of different functions. Probably the most familiar type have a PCI connection for a desktop computer. There are a lot of other connections that have gold fingers that usually will put the board at GFC rates but not always. For instance, slot processors have their own category and voltage regulators without heatsinks grade lower than a clean GFC (high peripheral). Because of the variety and vast quantities of each Boardsort takes an average value for GFCs that are clean, with brackets, with brackets and heatsinks, with B/H and fan, with B& Oversized H/F and trimmed GFCs.

Some GFCs will have enough ICs to push it into high telco, trimming the fingers off of these may force the card into low telco as the fingers do add value. If you're not sure post in the What is it? Section. On some older cards (Example & Example 2 Boardsort reviewed both of these) the fingers won't be enough to go into a GFC class but may be what pushes it into a better grade.

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