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What are focus items and what do the colors on the price list mean?

You may have noticed the colors that appear to be tagged on each of the items that appear on our price list. We have added the color designations as a tool for scrappers to focus on the best value for their efforts.

Focus items are the premium scrap items that provide the maximum amount of return for the least amount of effort invested and are the preferred form to sell your scrap in. One of the challenges a person faces when starting out in e-scrapping is figuring out where to begin and with what items.

At first glance our pricelist can seem a bit overwhelming. By concentrating on the materials that are considered focus items you can be sure you are working the smartest and not the hardest, even as a beginner.

These so called "focus items" have been tagged with a green color and represent the materials that hold the most value when all things are considered.

Items that are considered "out of focus" appear as other colors, with each color representing certain conditions and issues surrounding the item.


Green = Best Value and Efficiency

Items with a green tag represent the best in value and efficiency. These items are cleaned to the best of their potential. No further processing can be done to improve the value of these items, they are at their peak payout in this form.

Parts from desktop and laptop computers are all focus items. Some may require a certain level of processing first. Computers are a favored scrapping item of seasoned scrapping veterans and beginners alike. They are abundant and readily available and the parts inside are standardized, easily identifiable and have the simplest learning curve.

Yellow = Item Potentially Needs Work

A yellow tag suggests the item could use some additional processing to potentially improve the value and qualify for an upgrade. Such tasks might include something as simple as removing a bracket from a gold finger card, or more physical like cleaning a heatsink, transformer or faceplate from a low telecom board to upgrade to high.

Blue = Complex with too Many Variables

While perfectly fine, blue items are too vast in scope to assign a single color as they contain far too many variables and should be looked at on a piece by piece basis. Blue items require a slightly higher level of experience in order to determine maximum efficiency. Consider seeking input from our forums or via email on blue items and their grading and value potential.

Orange = Processed Too Far

If an item is listed with an orange tag it suggests that the item may be over processed and some of the value has been irreplaceably lost. Some examples are trimming fingers from boards, depopulating boards of their gold tabbed bga chips or ic's, and removing shields from shielded ram. (shielded ram is a green item so leave as is).

Avoid creating orange items.

This is a common mistake for the beginner scrapper. Just because an item is listed on our price list does mean that the item should be sold in that form. For example, fingers should always be left on the boards they came from. A quick calculation from our price list using clean fingers and the remaining downgraded trimmed item can provide evidence of this. Ounce for ounce, you will lose money generating an orange item.

Red = Do Not Send

This should be self explanatory. These are items that you should not send. They are listed on our price list only as evidence that we do not purchase these items. Red items could potentially carry a fee so avoid shipping red items at all costs.

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