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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 7:32 am 

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Hi loyal fans of Boardsort. Why am I so happy? Because the gang at Boardsort just showed me how much they value their customers, and that they are honest about the grades and they Do work to see that the seller gets fair compensation for his items.
I just delivered my latest load in person. While I had intended to arrive early in the pre-noon hours, due to traffic conditions, and the presence of so many fast food restaurants and rest areas, between munching and napping, and the occasional foray down the wrong Primrose freeway for about thirty minutes a couple times, until I realized East is East and West is West...Hey, can I help it if Ohio took all the mountains out of the scenery, and us hillbillies grew up using hills and mountains as navigation tools. We give directions like, "Go around Lookout Mountain, and when you get to the bottom of the hill, turn left. You will see Signal Mountain, and on the fur end, just past the crick, the road will go around Little Big Pig Possum Creek." I once spent over four hours trying to get off Peachtree Street in Atlanta, to go to Stone Mountain. Everytime I left downtown, where there were only 37 Peachtree Streets and Avenues and Boulevards, I couldn't see any "mountains" to aim for, so in a few minutes, I would be back where I started, having gone in a circle.
I called in three times to update my location, and when I finally got there, around 3, another load had arrived and was just finishing up the unload. In a few minutes, the crew attacked my meager Uplander Van load, and in minutes had me unloaded.
While I had done a fair job sorting, there were several boards which merited an upgrade. Fortunately, I had one container that had the really odd and unusual boards from equipment not found in your everyday scrapping experience. Almost all of these upgraded.
Since some safety precautions are still observed in the corovid-19 outbreak, and wearing of a mask in the warehouse is required, I have a helpful hint to make the mask more enjoyable. I have found that soaking part of the light colored cloth masks in strong coffee imparts a wonderful aroma to the air being breathed in...almost like vaping a cuppa joe....That gives one a pleasant feeling of being on coffee break, and the discoloration stains on the mask keep people you encounter even farther away, without you being rude.
The fuel costs for my 1200 mile roundtrip was roughly $100, to deliver around 300 pounds of boards and several totes of power supplies and some networking that I didn't wish to breakdown. In addition to the welcome cash, I now have an empty corner in storage.
One more complimentary word for the staff at the Warehouse. They freely answered questions ( I didn't ask too many) about why a board was upgraded, or what dropped it a grade. This is valuable assistance that one doesn't always get from just viewing a photo on the forum.
So, lets see....an online IT auction is upcoming, and they have , oh, 153 pallet lots that I am interested in, and if I spend all the payday I just got from Boardsort, I can get.....and that will bring me........Shucks, might as well go whole hog. Gotta spend money to make money, they say.
Thanks again, Boardsort. David "Meowpher the Ninth" Boring.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 1:44 pm 
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Lol. Amazing directions. I grew up on city outskirts so I learned the grid but lived south for a long time as an adult. Mountains and hills and valleys made up directions. Much to the dismay of lost city people in our middle of nowhere. My little “town” was a circle with one mall and a walmart. College in the middle and no way out. East you drown in the river. West you drive off the cliff. North you get stuck in the forest. Drive a day south a through a few states though farm gives way to forest and then you’ll be stuck in a swamp. If the gators don’t eat you down there the bull sharks will.

To get out to the highway was always
“Over the little hill, right at the big hill, left at the river. Right at the bridge. If you see the mountains you went too far. Turn around and go back to Circle then turn either way and start over at the little hill.”

42 6F 61 72 64 73 6F 72 74 2E 63 6F 6D

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