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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:21 am 
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This isn't a how to guide or even a guide to make money here at boardsort.

This is a basic guide for more experienced scrappers who know how to move stuff locally in small quantities of specialised materials. Along with boardsort and local yards... this is my current buy prices.
Note 1) there's about a 50% profit margin give/take 10% n these buy prices. If you do it right you will make money.
Note 2) If you do it wrong you will be close to break even. If you lost money using this guide over the next dew weeks, short of a catastrophic market crash you're doing something wrong. Or being screwed locally.

I'll follow this with a rather extensive price guide based partially on my what's in it guide in the coming days; as I dump my auto bid systems and various wholesale order spreadsheets into a somewhat readable format for yall.

The basic inside on escrap.
Rockaway recycling is THE highest rated recycler in the country based on /national/ polls.
I highly suggest checking out the iscrap app.
It's buggy. And individual yars rates are often wrong... but if you live in or near a major city the user reported prices give you local market insights and the generic values give you an east cost (low)-west coast (low split ) the planes states and northern heartland tend to be on the high end. Lucky me. Lol

About boardsort.
There is alot of play in what you do with escrap.
Here's my take. Most of what Chris buys is generic categories. Yes... as two (one) users point out sometime it's under valued. other times its drastically over valued.
My comparison ive used before to explain the issue of deadset categories is this:
Anyone who thinks a dual link dvi-m cable header (avg 7 ozs) has the same scrap value Per pound as a lightning connector has a lot to learn. Yet both are gold connector rate.
So yes your heavy gold milled server board from 1998 with 7 billion ceramic monolithic capacitors is worth more than the telco rate Chris pays. But good luck finding anyone who will pay category rates per board. Period.
A particular free shipping company pops up often both by name and by reference.
If you have a few thousand lbs of super high yeald stuff by all means take the risk.
Chris/staff calls you if there's a major disagreement.
The explain discrepancies. And we're all here to help on the forums BEFORE. you ship.
Letm me be as blunt and honest as i can. The three companies that offer free shipping are precious metals refiners. One is actually in the us. The other two have a us warehouse only. And forward your order to their processing facility. One in Canada the other in India.
To paraphrase the tos tac fine print no one reads.
"What if I am unhappy with my payout"
'**** dumb ass. We turned it all to dust and refined it and your sol and we dont care".
Fact is. All other materials ignored and pm values only being calculated (gold, tungsten, and platinum groups) the truth is they're usually right on value.

Hence boardaort.
Chris pays a little over and sometimes a little under based on his various refinery deals and accounts... for 100% of the materials submitted. Not only pm but copper aluminium brass PLASTIC!
They're gonna be annoyed for my stating it publicly but they do buy blanks (don't mail blanks... you're wasting money) .
Not referring to ram blanks with gs traces either but non etched bare carbonate blanks.
Not sure the rates but somewhere along the wa i tossed a dozen blanks in a box with other stuff and got a few pennies for it. I get 6c/lb at the local yard at thw moment. That is they calculate plastic values.
You're paid for what you send.

The three big free shipping companies are good for ONLY two very specific groups. The no up front easy bit of cash group.
And the highly skilled milk every last penny board stripping group.
To end this thread post... if you desoldered that 1998 gold milled boars. Sent the board to free shipping company 1-3, sort the al canister capacitors for al#2 the cpu sockets pins and ics to Chris... the oscillators to a jewerly company... the silver plated copper to a coin shop... the solder to a materials company... the socket plastic to a moulding company...
So if Chris gave you $5 for that board his company and the ones HE sells them to are doing exactly this. Breaking them down. Selling the individual materials
And if that doesn't turn your favour to Chris ... you're hurting the enviroment. these free shipping companies... they take the pm out of the finely ground power and sell the rest to iron companies as "slag" . No matter WHAT is in it it is tossed into molten iron for carbon recovery to make steel. NOT KOOL. Thanks for giving a few thousand kids Parkinson's disease from boronic carbonate exposure for that quick buck..

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:07 am 
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These are all whole unit rates Not lbg
exceptions at the end

Computers. The life bread here for boardsort
Pre 1983 $15 (don't ever go over $20)
1983-1994/5 8-12 tower. 5 desktop
1995-2003 10-15 tower 5-10 desktop
2003-current 20+ working
1-10 desktop 15-30 tower

pre Pentium $20
Pentium -1998 $30
1998-2009 $35
2010-current $50
Amd 2008-2013 $75
I5 and i7 $70

Anything under 386 $40
386 $25
486 $20
Pentium original and mmx $15
PII mobile -core2/celeron $5
Core $10
Amd phenom and phenom x2 $15
Any other thing after 2012 dead $10

Commercial servers
Pre 1983 $25 per occupied tray +$5
1984-2004 exc next Cisco and IBM. $10 per tray +$6
2005 plus. Look up prices for working pay 25-40% working rate for dead.

Home small businesses servers
Same rates as standard computers +$10 for the modified mobo.

Mini- and microcomputers (size of two or more file cabinets)
Pre-1988 $25 per tray plus $50
1999-2005 10 per tray +$50Except neXt
NeXt 50 per tray +20 (great boards crap nickel backplane)
2005+ check values for working
Dead $10 per tray +$10

Any working kit computer from 1974-1979 ia worth a few hundred dollars Or more if you're patient enough to wait for a sale.

Dead apples are worth a minimum of $20 to collectors
Add $20 to any apple class up to the G and I series macs... massive pm
Commodore computers working sell as such.
Anything pre 1990 add 40% to computer values.
Dec. If you find a dec desktop it's worth selling as is. They go a few hundred each in recycling value due to rhodium board traces.

tandy. Pop the shell. If gold cap chips recycle. If not put that shell back on and sell to a collector.

TI same as tandy.

Atari working sell
Dead subtract 15% from computer rates.

More to come...!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:33 pm 
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For this set working price is first scrap price second
Single price has no trade value above scrap.

Video game machines
Atari 2600 and 7200
Working $10 nice trade values
Dead $1 or less. Nothing in them but a few ics and wire

Atari 5600









Master system /3000b L or I

Genesis fat

Genesis 2

Genesis 3

Sega/mega cd front load

Top load

32x original
30/5 (gold cap chip board)

32x b
30/$1.00 (Silver ram stick equivalent and a peripheral board)

Mars prototype (many out there)


Saturn eu/us
25/5 (nice telco board)

Saturn Japan

Saturn development system
50/15 heavy rom bank will go gold ram

3rd party saturns


Dreamcast vr 2

V2 with screen

Game boy
Gb list only working/broken/missing parts as scrap

Gb pocket

Gb color

gb advance

Advance sp

Ds (all or this list is too long)


Nomad vr 1
50/25 (gold cap lga cpu)

Nomad vr 2
50/5 (soldered bga cpu)

nintendo Game/watch

Nintendo/tiger hand helds
5 in general








PlayStation 1(psx) with serial port

Psx no serial

Ps one no screen

Ps one w screen

Ps one screen

Ps2 fatty

Ps2 slim

Ps3 fatty

Ps3 slim

Working 100 broken complete 50 broken 10

Nintendo fds


Dex drives (all systems)

sega/apple Pico

Hp Plus


Neogeo home

Neogeo arcade

Nec turbo arcade

Negeo pocket

Neo pocket color


Coleco (all)


Miss anything just ask. I'll try to track a dead one down.

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