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We buy scrap circuit boards and computer chips by the pound.

Shipping Address:
67 W. Vine St
Alliance, Ohio 44601
In Person Dropoff:
Please call for address
it's different than
shipping location.
Contact Information:
Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

    Shark sighted - Scrap at your own risk! Check out Shark Scrapper's series of instructional Boardsort related how-to videos here: SHARK SCRAPPER VIDEOS

    We process the previous weeks (Weds through Tues) material every Wednesday and the resulting payouts are made the next day on Thursday.

Current Payout Rates are always listed at:

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Increase your profits with our Boardsort Test & Buy Program. We buy select CPU's and RAM sticks at rates many times higher than scrap value.

A short tutorial on how to grade and sort motherboards according to

An example of packing a shipment to by Shark Scrapper

An comparison of a Boardsort™ payout -vs- Scrapyard money by Shark Scrapper.

Current Scrap
386/486 CPU $175.00 per lb.
Gold Memory $22.00 per lb
Telecom Board $6.00 per lb
Gold Finger Cards $5.00 per lb
Large Socket MB $4.65 per lb
Small P4 Green MB $2.30 per lb
Current as of: 01-29-2023
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