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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2022 2:23 pm 
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Part 1 is here

Today’s motherboards.
From the bottom.

First up is the integrated (aka embedded) motherboard. A key here: NO GOLD TAB BGA.

This is actually not as bad as it may sound at first.
This covers everything from old ATMs with plastic LCC 486 and pentium chips to entry level junker tablets. $10 eReaders. Digital display boards. Despite all those little tiny memory chips (of nearly no value) and a billion tiny ribbon wire connectors, the boards are of little value overall. Again, remember the key, no gold tab. Meaning anything you paid more than $10 for isn’t likely to end up here!

Small solid plastic socket?
This partly goes to what I discussed earlier. AMD has slowly but effectively combined nearly every standalone IC into the cpu itself. Meaning there’s little value overall outside the gold connectors on the board.
Think about my what’s inside tear downs. If we stripped the a board bare. Component for component. Chip for chip. What is actually there?
We have a few ounces of gold pins. A few ounces of ICs. A large pile of oil capacitors. A few grams of CMCs and resistors? A heavy pile of plastic. Another of steel. A few ounces of tin plate. And a bare low grade board. Get the idea here? What else is missing? Again that key, no gold tab!

The rest?
Chris and I have both covered colour elsewhere. It is what it is.

From there, everything else is as it was.
I’ll update this if other classes appear or merge.

Feel free to ask questions, chew me out, give me a thumbs up, or anything else related to motherboards here.

42 6F 61 72 64 73 6F 72 74 2E 63 6F 6D

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 1:38 pm 
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Very well said.

The industry is always evolving. For better or for worse, we must always remain vigilant yet flexible while understanding the material for what it is.

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