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 Post subject: Shipping delays
PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:33 pm 
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All major shipping companies are just barely functioning at the moment.
The shopping season is still in full swing. Closures have pushed the bulk of retail into ship to site.

The holiday season (Christmas/holiday cards) was late this year and has caused some miscalculation at USPS. Greeting card bulk is a week later than normal this year.

Keep in mind there are still actually random mail in ballots out there as well!
UPS says delays on ground shipment can be as much as two days longer.

USPS has temporarily extended priority express shipments to 3 days, priority to 4.
Parcel select (via a postage provider) is currently running as much as 7-10 days. Parcel post (retail counter) will get there eventually.

FedEx is not honouring guarantee times temporary on anything but express same and next day. Which may or may not be available to your destination.

There’s a logical reason for this though. All the middle man services are redirected to other tasks.
The last mile services (UPS mail innovations, FedEx home delivery) use contractors to go from the shipper to the postal service. Many of these companies are doing unprecedented volume in local store to home delivery currently. Reducing the national options for shipping.

You can help though. Delay non-priority shipments. If it doesn’t need to be there wait till after the 28th.
Accept it probably won’t get there on time. It is what it is. Nielsen report there’s a 2000%+ increase in physical delivery this year. Shopping Standards has a similar number.
Even when it does get to the destination centre it still needs to get onto a local truck and they only hold so much.

Be patient.
Use tracking apps like Parcels or Deliverz. Don’t fret the “arriving late” notices. It’s more likely sitting in a trailer than being lost.

Vitally resist the urge to call the service number and ask where it is! After over an hour on hold the poor, exhausted call taker is simply going to tell you “it’s on its way and arriving late”. A call taker in Georgia can’t exactly walk outside to a trailer in Texas and take all the boxes out to find yours.

Most of all don’t use redirection or interception options right now from any of the parcel companies!
You’re actually slowing it down at the moment doing so, and everyone else’s package on that trailer.
That trailer (due Monday arriving Wednesday) needs to be redirected to a dock. Unloaded to find your package. Reloaded. And sent back out. (Now due Monday arriving Friday). Your package now moves to a new trailer to the interception location’s hub. And will get there Wednesday. Unloaded. Set for delivery to the interception point on Thursday. You can pick it up Friday during business hours. If you waited it would have gotten to your house Thursday.

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but in reality right now disrupting the system mid-stream is worse than waiting.

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