Test Buy Quote Service will purchase certain I-Series and XEON CPU's as well and high capacity RAM sticks at a premium after being tested for functionality at our test facility. Use the following links to generate quote invoices for the associated items you are wanting to test and sell.

Intel I-series CPUs

Boardsort purchases all years and models of Intel Core I-series cpus once they have been tested and proven to be fully functional.

Generate an I-Series Test & Sell Invoice


We purchase newer models of Intel XEON cpus. We are looking for years 2014 and newer. If it is missing the year on the front it is likely 14 and newer.

Generate a XEON CPU Test & Sell Invoice

Desktop, Laptop and Server RAM

RAM sticks with a capacity of 8GB and higher qualify for our RAM Test & Buy Program was well. We buy desktop, laptop and server ram 8 gigabytes and higher.

Generate a RAM Test & Sell Invoice

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